We take great pride in our traditional Argentinean butcher shop.  We only accept the finest USDA meats available and offer cuts not found anywhere else.  If a cut is too thin or too thick; just ask one of our friendly butchers and they will be happy to cut to order!  Try the Argentinean sausage, outside skirt steak, carne asada and beef short rib.  They are our top selling items!

Interesting fact:  Our top selling Argentine sausage is a family recipe that has not changed since 1967!  Give us a try and you will see it is the best sausage around! 

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All dairy, produce, cold cuts, bakery, and meat department items can only be returned within 24 hours of purchase. Grocery and taxable items can only be returned within 72 hours of purchase. All hot food sales are final. Must provide original receipt at time of return/ exchange.